Cleaning For Anal

The key to enjoyable assplay is feeling clean and confident so you can relax and enjoy without worrying about accidents. Does that mean you have to perform enemas every time you want to enjoy some anal? Definitely not. Generally a person's poop is stored deep in the digestive tract and there should not be a significant amount around the anus or in the rectum.

Basic Cleaning Regime:

1. Empty bowels (or make sure you have very recently).

2. Using a mild soap (like Natural Way Organics Liquid Soap) and some water, gently clean where you can reach using your finger. Your rectum is only so big and generally you can feel if there is anything hanging around in there with a finger inserted and one foot up on the bath or toilet seat.

3. A great tip I found online is to take a baby wipe and cover your finger with it. Then insert it into your ass and rotate it around, repeating as necessary until it comes out clean. You can also add Vaseline to the tip of your covered finger to make sure it goes in easily. Great for if you know you are going to have someone rimming you. You can even carry a travel pack of them…just in case!

For those of you who enjoy deeper more aggressive forms of pegging then you may want to consider anal douching.

Anal Douching is the process of pushing fluid into the lower colon and rectum to allow for cleaning and removal of any residual matter. There are a bunch anal douch kits on the market so be sure to read the reviews before buying to see which one is right for you but generally bulb douches have the best reviews.

While it does provide the highest level of cleanliness it's not without it's risks:

1. It removes mucous from the anal lining and makes it more susceptible to infection, especially HIV. Cuts and abrasions from douching also increase the chances of infection from STD’s and HIV.

2. Too much flow, too much heat or too frequent douching can irritate the bowel. Only a small amount of water should be used. It is not necessary to “overfill” yourself…and doing so could cause complications such as poor drainage, blockage, and constipation.

3. Unless you allow a couple of hours prior to sex for any water to drain, you can end up with an embarrassing flow of possibly dirty water.

4. If you are overly vigorous, you will flush bacteria from the large intestine where they cause no trouble back into the small intestine, where they do.